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Real-time Reporting & Related Services

Instant Information with Accuracy

As experienced and qualified real-time reporters, employing the most advanced stenographic services, stenographic equipment, computers and specialized computer-aided transcription (CAT) software, Shelley Grigsby and her associates are able to produce fast and accurate, readable transcripts instantaneously.

Real-time transcripts can be displayed on iPads, laptops or transmitted to remote locations as needed. 

Shelley Grigsby Reporting is proud to provide

professional advanced court reporting and state-of-the art litigation support services including:


  • Real-Time Reporting

  • Condensed Transcripts

  • Word Indexes

  • PDF/ASCII and PTX Format

  • Electronic Delivery

  • Digital Exhibits

  • CaseView and CaseViewNet 


Indexed, Full or Condensed
E-Transcripts give you the option to print either condensed or full transcripts, as well as word indexes.


In the E-Transcripts we provide, you can search for keywords using the automatically generated, hyperlinked word index, which also allows you to skip to each word in the document with ease. It's a virus-protected electronic document, you can  safely share it with others, allowing for their valuable feedback immediately.



Video Services

Videography and Video Syncing 
We are happy to coordinate videography services for your depositions. Our videographers use state-of-the-art equipment for high resolution video and high quality audio output. We can also provide video syncing of testimonies to recorded transcripts so you and your team can accurately review the legal proceedings.

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